Site News
September 2012
We recently discovered that there are actually two different versions of the song "Der Jüngste Tag" found on the Seelenwalzer album. There is one version that matches the lyrics printed in the album's insert booklet, and a second version that has different lyrics. The Seelenwalzer lyrics page has been updated to show both version of the song. Many thanks to Brad for pointing this out!

June 2010
A dedicated fan created a Richthofen page on Facebook! If you are on Facebook and want to talk to other people who love Richthofen, we invite you to "like" this page. The address is

July 2007
The old design is scrapped. is reborn and is finally open to the public!

2005 and 2006
Nothing happens. It's like the Dark Ages.

The first website design was started and modified, but never completed and launched to the public.

March 2003
The domain is registered.

The idea for was originally established because it is nearly impossible to find any good information about Richthofen.